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Food Truck Events

Sadie at Back to Nature fall 2021.JPG

is sadie the trailer right for your event?

Sadie is not your average food truck. She is a 13 ft vintage style trailer and is towed by an SUV.  She will need room to pull in, unhook, and move the car as well as to turn around as opposed to being backed in or parallel parked.  Additionally, she does not have front and back wheels, but instead has two tires in the middle of the frame.  Therefore, she cannot drive over rough terrain, through pot holes, in large areas of standing water, snow, or muddy grass. She sits low to the ground and is unable to be driven over curbs or any incline greater than 2 inches without risking damage. 


We require a parking space close to where Sadie is set up to access needed equipment and supplies.


We require one 110v, up to 20-30 amp 3, prong outlet for electricity. 

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