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Drive-By CelebrationMenu

choose 2 desserts from the following:

spring/summer menu


classic chocolate chip

double chocolate chip

chocolate chip cornflake crunch

 dark chocolate cherry 

rainbow sprinkles 

 strawberry lemonade 

strawberry crunch

lemon cooler

lemon blueberry

lemon white chocolate meringue

 fruity pebbles

lucky charms 

 white chocolate raspberry

peanut butter

red velvet white chocolate

peanut butter dark chocolate

banana pudding

classic cupcakes

classic vanilla bean  


 red velvet 



birthday sprinkles  

 cookies & cream

with choice of:

vanilla or chocolate buttercream


specialty cupcakes 

red velvet oreo

strawberry shortcake

brown sugar blackberry

blueberry stuffed vanilla

lemon raspberry


birthday sprinkles



 chocolate toffee crunch 

chocolate mint madness

campfire s’mores  

chocolate caramel pretzel

peanut butter cup

vanilla speculoos

banana sea salt caramel 

bars + brownies   

double chocolate brownies

raspberry brownies

 cookie dough  brownies

strawberry white chocolate blondies

 banana milk chocolate blondies

brown butter rice krispy treats

fruity pebble cereal treats


choose 1 or 2 beverages from the following:


original and creamy shaken lemonade, orangeade, or limeade

includes strawberry and triple berry add-ins

fresh brewed iced tea

 cold brew*

strawberry iced passion*

 iced chai*

hand-kegged sodas 

root beer | cream soda | dark cherry

*includes option of sweet cream cold foam



Ask us about upgrading to add made-to-order espresso drinks

*additional desserts available for $2-$6/each; additional beverage servings $3 per person

** please note, we pull up to the front of the house/building. Excluding circular driveways, we do not pull in nor back into driveways without prior arrangements. Please make sure your municipality and your neighbors are ok with Sadie pulling up at your curbside prior to booking with us. No refunds are issued if the host/hostess fails to ensure approval.

***espresso drinks not included, but available as an upgrade

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