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The Tin Can Social Menu

choose up to 2 varieties/flavors from the following:


(come 2 to a bag)

 the tin can

 chocolate cherry

tutti frutti

 strawberry lemonade

cinnamon white chocolate chip

  peanut butter chocolate pretzel + caramel  

 coconut toffee dark chocolate chunk

 oatmeal raisin dried cherry  

strawberries + cream


  chocolate sea salt nutella 

chocolate covered espresso bean toffee


cake in a cup + mini bundt cakes  

 speculoos brown butter

 birthday sprinkles

 vanilla bean peach crumble

 banana sea salt caramel


 salty pretzel

 chocolate toffee crunch 

lemon raspberry 

 chocolate nutterbutter

 maple bourbon brown butter peach


coconut key lime

 strawberry shortcake

 red velvet oreo

 chocolate hazelnut

 not exactly pineapple upside down cake

classic cupcakes  

classic vanilla bean  |  chocolate | red velvet

 lemon | almond | birthday sprinkles  | cookies & cream

with vanilla or chocolate buttercream

specialty cupcakes 

pancakes + bacon

 banana sea salt caramel

  maple bourbon peach

 red velvet oreo


 chocolate toffee crunch 

michele’s mint madness

campfire s’mores 

 mile high coconut cream pie

chocolate caramel pretzel

speculoos brown butter

chocolate dipped strawberry


mini pies 

key lime | sour orange  | dark sweet cherry

buttermilk | chocolate chess | lemon chess 

 coconut cream | meyer lemon meringue

 banoffee  | salted chocolate  | raspberry dark chocolate

brown sugar grits 

bars + brownies   

lemon bars | cayenne-infused brownies | jam bars


choose up to 2 beverages from the following:

 milk | lemonade |  iced tea | iced coffee | apple cider

coffee | hot cider (seasonal) | hot cocoa (seasonal)