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Waffle Bar

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Our waffles are made-to-order. Choose from our fall/winter specialized menu or our standard waffle service:


chocolate strawberry

fresh strawberries, chocolate sauce, whipped cream +

crushed chocolate cookies

bananas caramel

fresh bananas, salted caramel sauce, whipped cream + praline topping

apple crumble

apple cinnamon compote, whipped cream, caramelized white chocolate sauce + brown sugar crumble

nutella strawberry

nutella, fresh strawberries,  whipped cream,  + caramelized hazelnuts


cookie  butter banana

fresh bananas, cookie butter, whipped cream + crushed

biscoff cookies

white chocolate cherry

dark sweet cherries, whipped cream, caramelized white chocolate sauce + orange almond crumble

Our standard service includes the following so guests can create their favorites:

  choose 3:



cinnamon apples

dark sweet cherry sauce

pear compote

choose 4:



cookie butter

chocolate sauce

caramelized white chocolate sauce

salted caramel sauce

choose 3:

caramelized hazelnuts

toasted walnuts

toasted almonds

praline topping

crushed biscoff cookies

crushed chocolate cookies

*whipped cream included

Pair our coffee bar services with our waffle bar for an extra delicious experience! 

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