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Afternoon Tea Menu




(choose 3 )

cucumber + herbed cream cheese on artisan white bread

goat cheese, walnut + watercress on pumpernickel

 date nut sweet bread + cream cheese sandwiches

sweet potato biscuits with country ham or chicken salad

chicken salad on mini croissants


roast beef

smoked salmon

egg salad

pimento cheese

apple butter, ham + gruyere

turkey, cranberry + brie on sweet potato brioche

mini quiche


(choose 2 )
cream | lemon | blueberry | cranberry ginger white chocolate

raspberry dark chocolate | blackberry | apple cinnamon | pumpkin cinnamon sugar

orange  | chai spiced pear | strawberry | dark chocolate cranberry | lemon blueberry

walnut + fig | chocolate pecan | peach | carrot | raspberry almond buttermilk | cinnamon honey fig

pear + cardamom 


(choose 2 )
dark chocolate + raspberry mini tarts | key lime mini tarts | sour orange mini tarts

mixed berry + mascarpone mini tarts |  chocolate + salted caramel mini tarts

caramelized banana mini parfait | peach mini parfaits | cream puffs

raspberry + dark chocolate teacakes | russian tea cakes 

nutty florentine bars | victoria sponge mini cakes | mini bread pudding

cherry bakewell mini cakes | passion fruit mini cakes

eaton mess

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