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Sadie the Trailer

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About Sadie...


Sadie is our original, vintage-style trailer dessert, cocktail,  + coffee bar. For an experience that's as timeless as it is tasty, come and discover the magic of Sadie – where every dessert, coffee, and cocktail tells a story. With her vintage charm and neutral pallet, and outfitted with a 3-tap tower, an espresso machine, beautifully stained, wood-wrapped serving windows, and copper accents, Sadie is the perfect addition to wedding receptions, corporate events, showers, and casual cocktail gatherings, or any event in between.

Choose from one of our packages below, and let us create an unforgettable experience with our vintage desserts and crafted beverages that will leave your guests raving. 

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dessert packages

Blue Lemonade 1.png

bar/cocktail packages

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espresso/beverage packages

Please note, Sadie is meant for events 3 hours or longer only.  For shorter events, check out Dash the truck.
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